Working apron - Cotter

Cotter is working apron made on the Czechoslovakian machine Minerva 
from 100% natural linen waxed with beeswax, weight canvas is really high may surprise someone.
It's apron for most trades and classic work. It was developed for a man's job,
which has a good variety of relieving pockets thanks to which you always have everything at hand.
Another feature is the bottom bracket, which allows you to make the aprons baskets need for wood.
The apron should have its place at the cottage or workshop where he finds their usage
and protect you and dress in traditional crafts style.   Materials: natural linen 650 g / m2 of Czech origin, beeswax, leather, buckle and D-rings - cast brass,
copper rivets Limited edition: open series Size: 90 x 66 cm   * The purchase of this product contribute to the planting of trees in the Czech Republic *

90,- EUR