Roll Top backpack 2017 - khaki

New Limited Series for 2017 RollTop backpack, inspired by a classic dry bag. This series is more sophisticated 
and has many details, but at the same time has been preserved simple and classic treatment. From the previous
model is a new front two-piece pocket, which is characterized mainly by a combination of colors of waxed canvas
and leather lining, a bigger reinforcement of the back that is made of two sheets, and the size is noticeably
larger and provides more space. On the bottom of the solid bottom of the leather, a blanket can be attached
to the path. There are two smaller pockets inside the backpack. Our handmade backpack is made for a long product life, following traditional and honest production that is
irreplaceable. This sturdy and spacious backpack has a scrollable size and is suitable for day-to-day wearing in the city or
excursions to nature. Each piece has a serial number and a year. Materials: - Waxed waterproof canvas of 500 g / m2 (18 ounces) of Czech origin - Beef of Czech origin, hand-colored and waxed - buckles and fittings are cast from the bag, copper threads - MOTO Koh-I-Noor Dimensions: 73 x 43 cm (open) 57 cm closed Now we made on order within 10 days. * Buying a product you contribute to planting trees in the Czech Republic *

190,- EUR