Tobacco case 3#

The third series of the Promise Tobacco Pack for 2017 was made of high-quality leather that is hand-dyed, 
waxed and sewn with a waxy wound. The new design is especially interesting in the oblique closure, it also good sits in hand and simply opens.
The size is larger than the previous model and its for a classic tobacco packing and everything you need,
a special pocket for fast pulling on the paper.   The packaging looks very stylish and can be a nice
accessory for all life. Each piece has a stamped serial number and year of production.   Materials: - high quality birch skins of Czech origin of 2,5 mm - Koo-I-Noor druk of traditional Czech production - travel bag made of waterproof canvas   Size: 17 x 9 cm   * Buying a product you contribute to planting trees in the Czech Republic *

55,- EUR