Travel Ax

This travel ax was created in cooperation with artistic blacksmith Anton Vadovič in a limited series of several pieces.
- The blade of the ax is manually forged from hard tool steel with a surface remains for fitting by a traditional method, the blade is sharpened and polished.
- Haft is carved from hard ash wood with a pleasant shape in the hand, treated with beeswax.
- The cover on the ax is made in the Promise workshop, where the leather was hand-dyed and sewn with a fixed waxed yarn and reinforced rivets for a long service life.
- Each piece is original and has a stamped product number and year of production, it is clear that this product will be passed on to future generations.

Total length: 35 cm
Blade width: 10.5 cm
Materials: tool steel 19083, ash cruiser, plum wood wedges, cow leather, stainless steel buckle

* Buying a product you contribute to planting trees in the Czech Republic *

140,- EUR